Life From a Chef’s Perspective

Is it all fun and games making food for others, or are you living your passion? I know many people who feel miserable in their jobs because they have to wake up early, work long hours with little time for themselves, and even drop what friends they have so that every moment of free time can be devoted to their profession. However, these individuals may soon see things differently after experiencing the magic of being a chef. I look at my job as an artist, and I see the joy in every single thing I do. If I make something, it feels like I’m creating something new while at the same time reflecting on old techniques or cooking traditions that were passed down until today. As hard as it is, the chef should always strive to learn more and improve. Doing so shows respect for experience gained over time and respects the other people surrounding the kitchen.

The other night while chatting with some friends about favorite cooking shows (which, by the way, are a must for any aspiring chef), we started talking about who our favorite chefs were. An argument quickly broke out about traditional chefs versus celebrities who have their shows. An example of a celebrity chef would be Gordon Ramsay, the extremely intimidating reality chef who has gained infamy by screaming profanities at all who work for him. By contrast, a traditional chef is someone like Julia Child, the famous American chef whose antics are loved by everyone. As for me, I love both kinds of chefs. It’s always nice to see someone who takes their job seriously but also knows how to have fun while doing it.

I love being a chef because you can share your creations with others and make them happy. I like to make people happy with the food, and that is why I cook. One day, I hope to share this love with my family, and hopefully, they will love it as much as I do.
My dad has always been one of the most influential people in my life. When I was little, he gave me a lesson that has stuck to this day: if you take care of your friends, they will take care of you. This is a lesson so many forget while going through their daily lives. My dad taught me gratitude and how important it was to treat others the way you wish to be treated yourself .

When I was a little kid, I always had a positive attitude. Even when my father went through a divorce and the family moved from our home into a new place, I was optimistic that things would work out. This energized my dad and inspired him to share his love of cooking with me. In all honesty, this is what got me interested in cooking in the first place.

In conclusion, do not lose faith in yourself and give up on what you love doing. Anyone with enough guts and determination can make their dreams come true if they try hard enough. Many people are successful in what they love doing, whether it’s cooking or any other activity. Be open to learning new skills and remember the quote “knowledge is power.”

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