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Laurenzo is a high school graduate from suburban Chicago. He became interested in cooking at an early age because of his grandmother, a fantastic baker, and his father, who always hosted the most delicious parties, and later became one of the most profound businessman and investor.

It wasn’t until Laurenzo turned 18 that he decided to take formal culinary classes at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. There, he learned all about the science behind cooking and how to master cooking techniques that no traditional cookbook can teach you. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, he took a job at a restaurant in Naperville, where he honed his craft of becoming an artist of the kitchen. Laurenzo has since then moved on to become the personal chef for some very demanding clients.

Laurenzo’s passion for food and business has led him to start his blog, called “Laurenzos.” Every week, he posts articles on the blog about food and the life changes and challenges that he is constantly facing. Laurenzo doesn’t like to take things too seriously; he wants his readers to enjoy and understand the many and varied ingredients of life, whether it’s health, business, or lifestyle-oriented.

Laurenzo also devotes time every week to answering reader questions on how to make hard-to-cook dishes or the proper way to eat certain types of food.

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